Car driver happySpring is right around the corner for Colorado residents – and with it comes wet and dangerous roads. It takes a certain amount of know-how and experience to safely navigate slick and wet roads. Natives and long-time residents of the Centennial State have had many years to perfect this art. Do you know how to avoid hydroplaning or getting into a rollover accident? Here are 7 tips for safe spring driving in Colorado:

Slow down! The laws of physics dictate that the faster you are travelling, the further you’ll slide when you hit a slick spot. To avoid careening out of control if this happens, ease off the gas.

Avoid slamming on the brakes. Just because slower might be better, that doesn’t mean you should put your foot through the floorboard when you need to slow down. Gently pumping standard brakes will get the job done. Anti-lock brakes require steady pressure for stopping safely.

Don’t be a rollover risk. Again, the laws physics come into play- gradually coming to a stop is especially important for high-profile vehicles and those with a higher center of gravity. Some drivers of sport-utility vehicles mistakenly think they have an advantage when road conditions get wet or slushy. In reality, they are actually at greater risk of rolling over after an abrupt stop.

Heed the warning signs…literally! When a sign warns you about dangerous road conditions on bridges or overpasses, pay attention. Even if the roads surrounding the bridge are clear and safe, bridges and overpasses are always at risk of being slippery, especially in rainy weather.

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Don’t make sudden turns. Hopefully, you can anticipate your turn and begin to execute it in plenty of time. Rounding your corners instead of making sharp turns will be much more effective.

Steer into a skid. If you do lose traction, steer in the direction you are sliding to avoid completely spinning out. One expert recommends looking the way you want to go and steering in that direction.

Exercise patience. Understand that when the weather conditions are bad, it is going to take you longer to get anywhere safely. Build a few extra minutes into your schedule to help alleviate any anxiety you may have about arriving on time.

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