Denver Car AccidentsAccording to investigators, a recent collision between an SUV and a wholesale food delivery truck was caused by a tire blowout. The accident, which occurred on Interstate 25 between Colorado and University Boulevards, seriously injured one woman and brought traffic to a standstill for several hours. When one of the rear tires on the Chevy Tahoe blew out, the driver lost control of the vehicle and swerved. A U.S. Foods tractor-trailer then crashed into the front passenger side of the SUV, critically injuring a female passenger and inflicting minor injuries to the driver and a child passenger.

Tire blowouts are a common cause of car accidents in Denver, leading to many kinds of injuries, and sometimes even death. Luckily, in this particular instance, no one was killed. If a defective tire caused your car accident, or made it worse, several different individuals or entities could be responsible, including the tire manufacturer, the distributor, and/or the retailer.

Liability in a Tire Blowout Car Accident

To avoid liability themselves, motorists have a duty to, not only, drive responsibly, but also to inspect and maintain their vehicles in a reasonable fashion. This does not necessitate each car owner to have a comprehensive knowledge of the workings of an internal combustion engine. Tires, on the other hand, are not complicated. Normal wear and tear on the tread of your vehicle’s tires is something every motorist has a duty to monitor.

Additionally, a mechanic or other automotive professional who should have recognized the tire defect could also be held liable for an accident caused by a tire blowout. This includes anyone who might have installed the tire improperly, or installed the incorrect size or type tire for your vehicle.

Tire manufacturers and retailers could be held accountable for product liability if it is determined that a design or manufacturing defect contributed to the blowout. Likewise, the retailer could be held liable if the tire was in any way damaged after it reached the store.

Typically, the final decision about whether the driver or an automotive specialist should have noticed the defect under normal inspection will be made by a jury.

Tire Blowouts

When a tire deflates rapidly, or becomes delaminated, or detreaded, especially at a high speed, the outcome can be disastrous. Defective tires can cause a driver to lose control of the vehicle, which can lead to spinning, skidding, lane crossing, or dangerous collisions.

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