Recently, a study conducted by researchers at the United States Center for Disease Control (CDC) brought forth new information about car crashes and fatality rates. Ultimately, the CDC has determined that the population size of a given area, along with the age of drivers involved in accidents have an impact on fatality rates. Although the number of nationwide crashes is down overall from previous years, understanding the risk of car accidents in a given area and taking preventative steps is still essential.

The Study

CDC researchers determined that death rates in metro areas range from 4.4 to 17.8 per 100,000. Seventy-four percent of these metro areas have risk percentages that are lower than the overall national average. This may suggest that the demographic area is somewhat responsible for the differences in these rates.

The study also found that younger age groups are more prone to dying in a crash than other groups. Between the ages of 15 and 24 the national crash death rate is 17.3 per 100,000. This rate is higher than rates for any other age group. Although the rate drops to 10.9 percent per 100,000 in metro areas alone, the numbers for this age group are still the highest.

Risk Factors and Prevention

As pointed out in the study, the location and the age of the person involved in the crash prove to be important factors. The type of area variable is not an easy one to change. There will always be small towns and big cities.

Targeting likely age groups and rural drivers in safety campaigns, however, is a variable that can be managed. Young drivers are likely to get distracted while on the road. They also have little experience, if any, when they start driving. Using graduated licensing programs can help new drivers gain experience in steps, with the supervision of others.

Creating laws that do not allow cell phone usage also limits distractions for young drivers. Educating teens, both in the driver’s education room and at home, gives them the tools and abilities they need to be safe, responsible drivers.


When an accident happens, there is typically a party at fault, often due to distracted driving. These parties may be held accountable to the innocent parties they may kill or catastrophically injure. An innocent party is able to seek legal means in order to obtain the compensation they deserve from the accident. This can include costs to repair the vehicle, medical bills, compensation for missed time at work and compensation for pain and suffering.

Navigating the legal system and dealing with the insurance companies is often a difficult task. Experienced personal injury lawyers, however, are well versed in the procedures and know how to get their clients the compensation they deserve. Therefore, discussing an accident with a personal injury lawyer is often the most critical step an accident victim or loved ones can take in obtaining rightful compensation.

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