Doctor to push the wheelchair | Caring for a loved one after an accidentWhen a loved one is injured in an accident, it affects the whole family. Family members are often left feeling scared, angry, and helpless. There are often more questions than answers – and caregivers may not know what they can do to help their loved ones during this difficult time. Luckily, there are several things you can do to assist in their recovery.

It could take weeks or months before a loved one is well enough to come home from the hospital. The following are some tips to help all family members acclimate while caring for a loved one after an accident.

Welcome your loved one home when they are finally released from the hospital. Make sure their room is tidy and serviceable for their needs and limitations. Being in a familiar place and surrounded by caring family members will help them feel safe and comfortable as they recuperate.

Maintaining your loved one’s personal hygiene regimen is one of the most significant parts of caring for them after their accident. Some patients may be able to get out of bed with some assistance and get into a shower or bath. However, for those patients who may be bedridden, receiving a bed bath at least every other day will be therapeutic. Shaving, haircuts and styling, and oral hygiene are also important ways to help keep up the morale of your at-home patient.

Stay involved during their recovery process. Accompany your loved one to their doctor’s appointments. Don’t be afraid to ask questions the progression of their rehabilitation. Make sure your loved one is receiving the answers they need from their doctors and therapists. Keep notes concerning the doctor’s observations and recommendations.

Write down reminders if your loved one is suffering from memory loss. Head injuries can often result in memory loss. Use lists or post-it notes to help your loved one keep track of daily items without having to remind them constantly.

Share the care-giving responsibilities. Don’t try to tackle the load all by yourself. Care-giving is mentally and physically taxing. Divide the load with other family members and take shifts. You will be better able to care for your loved one if you take time for yourself as well.

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Being a caregiver is a demanding job, but when you become frustrated, try to look at the situation from your loved one’s point of view. He or she is now confined to bed and robbed of their independence, being dependent on you for their physical needs.

Remember also, that your loved one is dependent on you for emotional support. When setting a routine for meals, personal hygiene, rest, therapy, and medications, don’t forget to allow time for enjoyable things such as reading or watching favorite television programs together.

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