Exhausted driver resting on steering wheel | Most Dangerous DriversOn more than one occasion, no doubt, we’ve all muttered to ourselves how Colorado must have the worst drivers in the country. It’s difficult to not have that recurring thought when you’re practically parked in traffic on Interstate 25, or while waiting fruitlessly on Berthoud Hill for the driver in front of you to move to the right lane.

Despite your assuredness that you share the road with the nation’s most dangerous drivers, statistics show otherwise. A recent Carinsurancecomparison.com evaluation indicates that Colorado drivers are the 18th worst in the country, and are, in fact, improving. Centennial state drivers moved down the list from 11th place last year.

Now, exactly how does the research define “worst?” Carinsurancecomparison.com based their rankings on statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Statistics on seat belt use, running red lights, speeding, reckless driving, drunk driving, and fatality rates per 100 million vehicle miles traveled were among those used.

Let’s take a closer look at how Colorado stacked up.

Among the various categories, Colorado ranked from second worst to 33rd worst. Those rankings were as follows:

  • Driving on an invalid license, seat belt usage, and failure to obey to traffic signals- 2nd worst
  • Drunk driving- 21st
  • Exceeding speed limits- 26th
  • Deaths per million miles- 29th
  • Reckless driving- 33rd

Those scores were added together to reach a score of 111- earning Colorado the number 18 spot.

Louisiana ranked worst of all states in the failure to obey category. North Dakota is the worst state for drunk driving. New Hampshire is worst for speeding and Florida is the worst for reckless driving. Montana weighs in with the worst rate of fatalities per million miles driven.

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In fact, according to these statistics, Montana has the worst drivers in the country. A dubious honor they earned by finishing among the worst 20 states in each of the categories.

The rest of the top ten worst driving states and their scores, looks like this:

  1. Montana- 48
  2. New Mexico- 60
  3. South Carolina- 60
  4. Texas- 62
  5. Louisiana- 63
  6. Arizona- 84
  7. Hawaii- 89
  8. North Dakota- 89
  9. Delaware- 93
  10. Mississippi-97

If you’re wondering where the best drivers live, here’s what the statistics show. Maryland ranks best in terms of obeying traffic signals. It’s probably not much of a surprise that Utah scored best in the drunk driving category- the state has a large Mormon community where drinking is condemned. Florida scored best in speeding and North Dakota is best at avoiding reckless driving. The District of Columbia was best in deaths per miles driven.

When all factors were considered, Minnesota has the best drivers according to their Carinsurancecomparison.com score.

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