er-signA recent study has highlighted and exposed the dangers of inflatable bounce houses and trampoline parks. In recent years, trampoline parks and bounce house companies have become increasingly popular for a wide-range of children and teens. These companies host birthday parties, school outings, and summer camps for children as young as 2 years old. Yet these inflatable bounce houses are not without risk and serious injuries have occurred.

The study, conducted by Canadian researchers, reviewed hospital emergency room injuries related to amusement parks. An astonishing 42% of these injuries were linked to inflatable bounce houses alone. In fact, a child is injured in a bounce house every 46 minutes in the United States. Injuries, such as mild sprains and fractures, are common in these types of situations. Yet even more disturbing are the number of children and teens who sustain serious head and spinal cord injuries. 1 in 5 injured children sustain head and neck injuries that could lead to potentially serious long-term complications.

Falls accounted for 43% of the injuries and 44% of these occurred in a recreational setting. More than 27% of children were treated for fractures and an additional 27% treated for sprains and strains. While only 3% required hospitalization, those that were hospitalized sustained serious broken bones, head injuries, or spinal cord injuries.

Pediatricians urge parents to keep children under the age of 6 out of bouncy houses and castles and to only let one bouncer in at a time. If more than one bouncer is allowed in the structure, they should be of similar sizes and ages. Dangerous situations occur when older children are allowed to bounce with younger, less developed children.

Bounce houses and trampoline parks have a duty to ensure the safety of all those who play on their equipment. While the majority of accidents cannot be prevented, many can. Some of these catastrophic accidents are due directly to unsupervised play, inadequately maintained structures, and poorly enforced rules.

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