Driving BlindNow that summer is here, Colorado drivers have another danger to consider—the sun. While everyone knows that the sun’s rays can cause sunburns, skin cancers, and other serious medical conditions, the sun is also responsible for numerous motor vehicle accidents each and every year. Sun glare on the windshield actually increases the chances of sustaining a serious car crash by decreasing the visibility of drivers and reducing their reaction times. Sadly, pedestrians may be the ones who are most in danger, as drivers who are driving into the sun are not able to see them crossing the road until it is too late.

Dangerous sun glare comes from two sources: driving directly into the sun, and the sun reflecting off of other vehicles, store buildings, and street signs. When driving into the sun, a driver may be unable to tell when a light has turned red or recognize a motorcyclist at a stoplight.

Poor visibility due to sun glare is more dangerous and more common than many drivers believe. A Nebraska study found that on average there is one sun glare related car accident each and every day across the United States. Pedestrians, motorcyclists, and other motorists have been severely injured—and in some cases killed due to sun glare and poor visibility.

Reducing the Dangers of the Sun While Driving

While no one can block out the sun, there are steps that drivers can take to minimize the effects of sun glare while driving.

  • Be sure that your windshield is clean and clear of any debris, cracks, or other spots that could further impede your visibility.
  • When driving into the sun, always use your car’s sun visor to help block out some of the rays.
  • Drive a bit more cautiously when you are driving into the sun. When approaching intersections and crosswalks, consider slowing down a bit to be sure you can see all lights, vehicles, and pedestrians.
  • Drive with your headlights on to help other cars see you on the road
  • Use lane markings to help you stay in your lane
  • Consider investing in some high-quality polarized sunglasses
  • If you can avoid driving directly into the sun, consider doing so. Take an alternate route or pull over until you are able to see the road better.

Sun glare crashes are worst in cities that have a grid like pattern. This puts drivers all driving into the sun and the chances of crashes increases drastically. Sun glare crashes are also worst in the spring and summer months when there are sunnier days.

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