Colorado Worker's Compensation AttorneyA fatal accident occurred in Denver Monday morning when two motorcycles were travelling eastbound on I-70 through a construction zone. Apparently, the bikers were trying to pass a semi-tractor trailer, riding side by side when their handle bars touched, causing one rider to lose control. The biker then hit a construction marker and was thrown from the motorcycle and underneath the truck. The motorcyclist died at the scene. Investigators believe the bike was going too fast through the construction zone. The accident shut down I-70 for several hours.

This preventable accident brings into focus motorcycle safety. Every spring the National Highway Transportation Safety Board reminds drivers to be extra alert for motorcyclists and to safely share the road. Bikers should remember to make themselves visible to other vehicles. Other safety tips to keep in mind from the NHTSB:

Slow Down! In 2008, 35% of all motorcycle riders involved in fatal crashes were speeding, compared to 23% for passenger car drivers, 19 percent for light truck drivers, and 8% for large truck drivers.

Riding and alcohol don’t mix. Alcohol affects balance and coordination, both essential to riding a motorcycle. Statistics indicate that the percent of intoxicated motorcycle riders in fatal crashes is greater than the percentage of intoxicated drivers on the road.

Helmets save lives! NHTSA estimates that helmets saved 1,829 lives in 2008, and that another 823 could have been saved if all motorcyclists had worn helmets.

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