Denver Motorcycle AccidentAfter a Denver motorcycle accident, you will naturally feel some trepidation about returning to the road. However, the best advice is to get back on your bike as soon as you recover from any injuries you might have sustained. Staying off your bike for too long will give your insecurities time to take hold and trash your self-confidence. Below is a checklist of sorts, to help you get back on the road as soon as possible.


  1. Inspect all Your Gear – Preparing to saddle up again involves an inspection of all your gear. If your helmet hit the ground in the crash, you will need to replace it. It is a one-trick pony, and will be ineffective in another collision. Also inspect your leathers, armor, boots, or any other personal protective gear that might have been compromised in the accident.
  2. Inspect your bike as well – Even if there is no obvious damage, your bike could have suffered a bent chassis or tweaked forks- damage that will make your bike an accident waiting to happen. Have a mechanic check it out before hitting the road.
  3. Short Rides at First – The first time you get back on the bike, you’re going to be nervous. To ease your nerves, try short, familiar rides with little or no traffic, and gradually build your confidence. Avoid situations that are similar to the accident scene. For example, if you crashed in the rain- ride on a sunny day. If you crashed on the highway- ride in town.
  4. Build Your Confidence – Don’t be too tough on yourself. How quickly you recover your confidence and riding skills will depend on several factors. Your level of experience, the severity of any injuries you might have sustained, and the duration of your mental and physical recovery will all effect how soon you’re riding again.
  5. Face Your Demons – Now you’re ready to face your demons. If your accident was caused by a certain set of circumstances or conditions, try confronting those circumstances. Whether it was heavy traffic, a challenging track, or bad weather, get back out there and conquer your fears.

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