injury accident victimsIt’s not every day that you drive up on the scene of an accident, especially one with serious injuries, so many motorists may be unsure of what to do. The following are some tips for assisting car accident injury victims without causing harm to yourself or further harm to the victims.

The most important thing to do after witnessing, or being involved in an accident, is to notify emergency personnel. If someone else has already called, the 911 operator will let you know. Otherwise, calmly tell the operator where the accident has occurred, how many people and/or vehicles are involved, and the apparent severity of the injuries. Stay on the line until the operator tells you to hang up.

Park your own vehicle well beyond the accident scene and use your emergency flashers. As you approach the scene, be mindful of leaking fuel or power lines that may have been downed because of the accident. If these dangers are present, alert the emergency operator and stay clear of the area.

If it is safe to approach the accident scene, don’t move the injury victim unless they are in immediate peril due to fire or other hazards. If you must move an accident victim, limit extraneous repositioning of their limbs to avoid worsening potential damage by broken bones. Dragging the victim by the ankles or clothing above the shoulders is safest for both of you.

Check to see if the victim is breathing. If they are not, inform the emergency operator and let them guide you in administering CPR if it is safe to do so.

To stop bleeding and facilitate clotting, apply firm, steady pressure to wounds with a blanket or thick cloth. Leave the cloth in place, even if blood permeates it. Use additional layers of cloth if available. In the absence of a broken bone, elevating the wound will help reduce blood flow. To protect yourself, always use some kind of barrier between you and the victim’s blood.

Traumatic events such as car accidents, can cause victims to go into shock. When insufficient amounts of blood reach the victim’s brain, shock sets in and can worsen injuries, or actually result in death. Be wary of symptoms including dilated pupils, fast breathing, blank facial expression, washed-out, clammy skin, and a detached, aloof attitude.

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