In January 2014, Alejandro Lopez went to the 7-Eleven at East 11th Avenue and Yosemite Street in Denver with his two children and a friend. His son accidentally swung a bag of chips, hitting his sister in the face. It was then that a woman behind them commented that if he were her son, she would spank him. Lopez’s friend told her to mind her own business and the seemingly benign altercation ended.

Yet the altercation was far from over. In what seems like a scene from a horror movie, Lopez went outside to rent a movie at the Redbox kiosk when the woman hit the gas and drove her car right into Lopez, pinning him against the Redbox machine. The crash broke Lopez’s right leg and cause severe tissue damage. The driver of the vehicle and her friends fled from the accident scene and Lopez was rushed to the hospital.

Alejandro Lopez contracted a severe infection from the broken leg and almost lost his leg as a result. He has already undergone 15 surgeries, including skin grafts, to save his leg and he still can’t walk without the help of crutches.

Because of the horrific hit and run accident, Alejandro Lopez can’t work or make his house payments. In one fatal moment, his entire life was destroyed. Because of his severe injury, he can’t walk, play with his children, or support his family—and the hit and run driver is still at large. Denver police officials are asking the public for help identifying the women from surveillance videotape.

Sadly, hit and run accidents are on the rise in Colorado. At least one person in Denver is injured every day by a hit and run driver—and 3x a month, someone is killed. In 2012 alone, 34 people were killed in Colorado hit and run accident, almost double from the year before. Between 2011 and 2013, almost 1,300 people were killed or injured in hit and run accidents in Denver, Aurora, and Lakewood. While Colorado law has toughened criminal penalties, these horrific accidents still continue.

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