Drunk DriverThere are millions of drunk drivers on US roadways every year. In fact, a new study published in the CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, the results show a staggering 4.2 million Americans drive while impaired at least once every month. The results of the study came from a survey known as the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System. In this survey, respondents were questioned about the behaviors they engaged in which could be considered risky. The study concluded that those who risk driving while impaired are much more likely to skip wearing a seatbelt, engage in binge drinking, as well as other risky behaviors.

Male Drivers More Likely to Drive While Impaired

On average, the drivers who were the most likely to drive while impaired were young males, between the ages of 21-34. This sector of drivers make up nearly a full third of all drunk driving “episodes.” Whatever the age of the driver, gender remains a major factor in drunk driving with approximately four out of five drunk driving incidents being attributed to a male driver. The incidence of drunk drivers on the road also relate to the state lived in. Those who live in Hawaii, are the likeliest of any other state to get behind the wheel while impaired.

Hawaiians More Likely to Engage in Drunk Driving

There were 995 drunk driving episodes per year per 1,000 people in Hawaii—nearly one incident for every person in the state. By contrast, the state of Utah has only 217 annual episodes of drunk driving per 1,000 people. Behind the state of Hawaii, Nebraskans had 955 episodes of drunk driving per 1,000 people per year, North Dakota had 855 episodes of drunk driving per 1,000 people annually, and Wisconsin had 828 episodes of drunk driving per 1,000 people annually.

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Every Fifty-One Minutes a Death Due to an Alcohol-Impaired Driver Occurs

To put these numbers into a perspective which may be more relatable, there is one death in the United States every 51 minutes involving an alcohol-impaired driver. Nearly one-third of the traffic deaths in 2013 involved an alcohol-impaired driver. Further, marijuana and cocaine are involved in nearly 20 percent of motor-vehicle driver deaths, and these drugs are often used in combination with alcohol, significantly increasing the dangers to other drivers on the road.

Drunk Drivers Involved in Fatal Collisions Six Times More Likely to Have a Prior DWI

Unfortunately, our current laws may simply not be sufficient to reduce the number of alcohol-related deaths. Drivers with a BAC of 0.08 percent or higher who were involved in fatal car collisions, were six times more likely to have a prior DWI conviction. Traffic checkpoints in which levels of alcohol impairment are assessed have been found to reduce alcohol-related crashes by as much as 9 percent, while installed interlock systems are associated with a 70 percent reduction in DWI arrest rates.

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