Road rashWhen you think of a devastating injury, traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries often come to mind—and rightfully so. Those injuries are life changing and cause permanent disability and even death. Yet many people don’t consider road rash as a serious or life-threatening injury. For motorcyclists, the possibility of sustaining some form of road rash in an accident is very real. While most road rash victims will experience some pain or minimal discomfort due to their road rash, others could be permanently disfigured as a result.

Road rash is another name for serious skin abrasions that most often occur when motorcyclists come in contact with the pavement. Sliding across paved surfaces, such as roads, sidewalks, or curbs, can lead to road debris, glass, shards of metal, and even gravel being embedded into the skin. In general, there are 3 types of road rash, including:

  • First Degree Road Rash: minor and usually does not require medical treatment. Skin may be red and painful but it is usually not broken.
  • Second Degree Road Rash: outer layer of skin is broken and bleeding. May be painful, but over the counter medicine can usually treat this type of injury.
  • Third Degree Road Rash: this is the most severe and occurs when all 5 layers of skin are exposed. There may be permanent nerve, muscle, and tissue damage. This type of injury is susceptible to serious infections and usually requires IV antibiotics. There are usually surgeries needed to correct this type of injury, and skin grafts may be needed to repair the damage.

When a serious road rash injury occurs, you may find yourself permanently disfigured. Plastic surgeons may be consulted to help repair the damage, but it will likely take multiple surgeries and hospitalizations to correct. Serious infections are also more likely to occur and can increase the risk of amputation and death.

In addition to medical expenses and surgeries, compensation may be needed for wound care dressings, rehabilitation, lost wages, pain and suffering, and expensive pain medications. Damages may also be sought to treat emotional suffering that may occur due to permanent disfigurement and permanent scarring.

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