The city of Colorado Springs has chosen to settle with a bicyclist who was injured after crashing into a parked city vehicle. 26-year-old Greg Kopecky was riding his bicycle in a designated bicycle lane along Centennial Boulevard on June 15, 2010, when he crashed directly into the back of a parked city truck.

At the time of this Colorado bicycle accident, the city-owned vehicle was being operated by a temporary city employee who was tasked with clearing debris from city streets. Despite the fact that the truck’s lights were flashing and that it had a sign warning about frequent in-traffic stops, Kopecky did not notice it in time to avoid a collision.

As a result of the collision, Kopecky suffered from myriad injuries including lacerations, a concussion and a skull fracture. In the wake of the incident, he hired an attorney and chose to seek unspecified damages for a wide array of issues. The cyclist claimed the accident caused past, present and future pain and suffering; grievous, serious and permanent bodily injuries; and emotional anguish and distress. Although the city employee was not specifically cited, the city was accused of negligence for allowing one of its vehicles to block a lane that was designated for the use of bicycles.

Rather than allow the case to go to trial, the city of Colorado Springs chose to settle with Kopecky. Per the terms of the settlement, the city agreed to pay damages totaling $50,000. Despite that, the city has stated that their employee was not in the wrong. The city employee allegedly stopped the truck in order to take a work-related phone call, which is in accordance with the safety protocols as established by the city.

If you or someone you know incurs injuries because of someone else’s negligent actions, it is important to retain the services of a skilled and experienced personal injury attorney right away. It doesn’t matter if the negligent party is a private citizen or a government employee; in either case, and in many others, it is critical to ensure that your rights are protected. The only surefire way to do that is by having a competent attorney on your side.

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