Crocus flower growing form snow | Late Season Snow Causes Multiple Denver Accident InjuriesJust when you thought the worst of the winter snowstorms was over – another one hit Denver earlier this month. On March 18th, more than 6 inches of snow caught Denver commuters by surprise, causing 50 crashes in and around the Denver metro area. These accidents included an overturned snowplow and numerous Denver accident injuries. The traffic was so bad, that local police closed the southbound Interstate 25 off ramp due to road conditions. Numerous other streets were closed off due to ice and snow and traffic. Randa Emanuel, dispatcher for the Denver Police Department, said that people were driving way too fast for the weather conditions. As a result, cars were careening off of the road and into guardrails, other cars, and embankments.

The snow packed roads were so bad that it prompted chain and traction laws throughout Colorado on Friday the 18th and well into the next day. In addition, avalanche watches were in effect and avalanche control resulted in 20-minute delay times for commuters traveling on U.S. 40.

The snow fall initially started early on St. Patrick’s Day and picked up throughout Thursday in some parts of Denver. By Friday, Denver had recorded 6.5 inches of snow and areas in southeastern Colorado had recorded 10 inches of snow. Ward reported 16 inches and Eldorado Springs reported 12. Although Denver International Airport reported 4.2 inches of snow by Friday, there were no flight cancellations. As such, it would seem that Friday morning commuters bore the brunt of the snowstorm.

Then, just a day after temperatures reached 70 degrees – Denver got pounded again with snow. On March 23, a springtime blizzard hit the Denver area, wreaking havoc once again and grinding traffic to a halt. All major interstates were closed and the Denver airport was closed as well. Hundreds of flights were cancelled, as well as all area schools. More than 80,000 customers lost power from Denver to Fort Collins. About 21 inches of snow had fallen in 11 hours in Louisville, Colorado that day – near Boulder. Denver state transportation officials began requiring all vehicles driving on major Denver roads to use four-wheel drive, chains, or snow tires.

With an average of 12 inches of snow – March is Denver’s snowiest month.

Spring snow can sometimes be the most treacherous. When drivers feel that the winter is over – they may be unprepared for a sudden snowfall. In addition, warmer weather combined with sudden cold fronts and snow results in slick, icy roads that are often snow packed because snowplows haven’t gotten out in time.

In addition, road conditions may continue to be dangerous as the snow thaws. Slick and wet roads can be just as dangerous for commuters – especially those drivers who continue to drive too fast or who tailgate too closely behind other drivers. All drivers in the Denver area are urged to use extra caution throughout the week while driving.

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