The winter season has official come to an end. As a result, drivers in Denver and throughout Colorado erroneously believe that the roads will immediately become safer. This isn’t necessarily true. Springtime brings a whole new atmosphere and new road obstacles to be aware of. To help you avoid unnecessary car accidents, it is important to always be aware of hazards that can cause issues and accidents.

Useful Driving Tips

Rainy days/Flash flooding:  Spring rains cause roads to be slippery. When driving on a rainy spring day, make sure to take caution and slow down. Due to the accumulation of rain and melting snow, flash flooding can become a big problem. Be sure to check roadways carefully, if there is any concern regarding flooding, stay clear of that particular area or road.

Winter road wear and tear:  Colorado areas that have suffered from harsh winter conditions, may find that their roadways and highways need numerous repairs. After months of salting, snow plowing, and sanding, the condition of roadways are far from perfect. Potholes, broken guardrails, and clogged and/or blocked catch basins are just some of the examples of a normal winters wear and tear of the roads.

Hail Season: Hailstorms are a natural part of springtime weather in many states, including Colorado. Hailstones can shatter windows, crush shingles off of rooftops, and severely dent cars. No matter how big or small a hailstone is, ice on roadways are never a good sign.

More bicycles and motorcycles on the roadways: With the warmer temperatures and nice days ahead, people tend to get their bikes out and hit the roads. Be extra cautious of motorcyclists in your blind spots and give cyclists a large berth when sharing the road.

Pay Attention

As well as being aware of the hazards that can cause you problems on the roadway, following some simple tips will help to avoid devastating automobile accidents.

  • Replace worn tires: With the slippery road conditions that can occur in Spring, it is important to be sure your tires are in the best shape possible to decrease your chances of slipping and sliding.
  • Check and/or replace windshield wipers: With the snow and ice build up from winter your windshield wipers may be ready for replacement.
  • Watch out for potholes: When at all possible, go around potholes in the road, driving through a pothole can easily throw your car out of alignment and/or damage tires.
  • Be on the lookout for animals:  We aren’t the only ones ready for warmer ready.  Animals will be on the move and coming out of hibernation. Watch out for animals crossing the roads, especially in wooded areas and at dusk and dawn.

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