The Most Dangerous Cars in AmericaToday’s automotive consumers have a plethora of information at their fingertips. They can readily compare the features, prices, and safety ratings of different vehicles to ensure they are buying the safest possible car. Unfortunately, many of the most popular vehicles sold in the United States post poor marks on performance rating tests.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), a non-profit crash test and highway safety research group, rates hundreds of vehicles sold in the U.S. based on their performance in a myriad of crash test scenarios.

The IIHS performs frontal, rollover, side crash, and head and restraint safety tests, and in 2012, added the small overlap test. The small overlap test simulates a collision where only a small portion of the front driver’s side of the car makes contact with another object. It is similar to what happens when your car strikes a tree or two approaching vehicles swerve to miss each other but still make contact. These tests are significant because they help determine the effectiveness of airbags, which can be compromised in such collisions. The IIHS reports the small overlap collision is responsible for nearly 25 percent of all traffic accident injuries.

So far, for the 2015 model year, twenty vehicles have scored poorly in at least one of the major IIHS safety tests. A poor rating indicates that driver injury is very likely in that type of crash. Here are the most dangerous cars in America:

·         Mazda 5

·         Fiat 500

·         Audi A4

·         Hyundai Accent

·         Mazda CX-9

·         Ford Escape

·         Dodge Grand Caravan

·         Dodge Journey

·         Nissan Juke

·         Nissan Leaf

·         Mitsubishi Mirage

·         Lincoln MKS

·         Jeep Patriot

·         Honda Pilot

·         Nissan Quest

·         Kia Sportage

·         Chrysler Town and Country

·         Hyundai Tucson

·         Nissan Versa

·         Jeep Wrangler 2-door

A spokesman for the IIHS reports that in the years since the small overlap crash test was introduced, automobile manufacturers have made adjustments for this scenario. They have begun to identify the importance of meeting the greatest safety standards in the eyes of consumers, and have either met the standard, or are working diligently toward that goal.

Ford got a bad rap earlier this year when one of the versions of its new F-150 scored a marginal rating in the small overlap test. They quickly announced they would implement structural modifications to the 2016 model of the country’s most popular light vehicle in order to resolve the issues.

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Ascertaining the public’s concern about vehicle safety ratings is sometimes perplexing. While many of the vehicle on this list have sold less than 10,000 units so far for 2015, two of the country’s top twenty best-sellers are on the list- Jeep Wrangler and Ford Escape.

The IIHS would warn the auto-buying public to do their homework before purchasing a new vehicle. Don’t assume that just because it’s for sale, it’s also safe.

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