The Dangers of Texting While DrivingThe National Safety Council released a new study regarding  the persistent problem of distracted driving. According to the study, more than 25% of all car crashes involved drivers using their cell phones. The NSC estimates that 21% of all crashes was due to cellphone use, while 16% was due to texting, bringing the total to 37% of all crashes.

Sadly, talking on a cell phone while driving makes being involved in a crash 4x more likely – and texting can increase the risk of an accident 23x.

Driving distracted is nothing new – but advancements in modern technology have made distracted driving much easier. Drivers now routinely surf the Internet, answer work emails, text their friends, and even respond to Tweets all while driving. Even when laws are enacted to prohibit using cellphones while driving, drivers continue to engage in this risky behavior.

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Yet, of all the distractions behind the wheel, texting is still the most dangerous. Why? Because it combines all three major types of distractions: visual, manual, and cognitive. When drivers text and drive, their brains are not processing their environment. Instead, their brains are focused on both the message they are trying to text and on reading the ones coming in. On average, it takes 5 seconds to read a text message. During that time, the average car would’ve traveled the length of a football field – if traveling at 55 mph.

How Serious of a Problem is Texting and Driving?

A study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that 69% of all drivers between 18 and 64 talked on their phones. Even more shocking, a whopping 31% of drivers admitted to texting while driving in the last 30 days.

Every year, 3,328 people are killed and an additional 421,000 are injured by distracted drivers. Sadly, many of these drivers are using their cellphones while driving – and they continue to put themselves and everyone around them in danger.

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