Denver Car accident attorneyMulti-vehicle accidents occur at an alarming rate—especially in bad weather conditions. Just last month, a harrowing multi-car pile up on Interstate 24 in Colorado was caught on video. As ice and snow piled up on the road, three drivers were caught speeding and driving recklessly. One of the drivers lost control of his vehicle and skidded into other cars, causing serious damage and road closure.

Multi-car accidents can be extremely complicated and costly. When numerous people are injured and multiple cars are involved in the accident, the results are often catastrophic. While the initial police report may begin to shed light on who is to blame for the accident—and subsequently, everyone’s injuries—an experienced Denver car accident attorney may be needed to fully investigate and protect you from being taken advantage of.

The main problem in a multi-car accident is that usually everyone points the blame on the other drivers. While most people assume that the driver in the rear is the “at fault” driver, this can be far from the truth. In many cases, the car in the front could be responsible for braking too suddenly or swerving unnecessarily.

After the accident, many drivers begin calling all of the insurance companies, in an attempt to obtain compensation for their injuries. Even with a police report backing up your side of the story, however, insurance companies are usually reluctant to pay claims when there are multiple parties involved. They wish to investigate as well—and usually delay doing so in an attempt to reduce their liabilities. They may deny responsibility or refuse a claim all together. When this occurs, injured accident victims usually have no choice but to file a lawsuit.

An experienced Denver car accident attorney will investigate your case closely to determine who is truly to blame for the accident. Many times, there are multiple parties to blame. Your lawyer may need to review the police report carefully, interview all eyewitnesses, review your medical records, and employ accident recreation experts to build your case.

Unfortunately, without the right legal representation, the insurers for the at-fault drivers may take advantage of you. They may delay or deny your claim outright, or they may offer you a lowball settlement that is a mere fraction of what you need and deserve. To make matters worse, you may find yourself being sued by passengers in your own vehicle—even when you are not to blame.

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