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Prosthetic legLosing an arm or a leg in a catastrophic accident will undoubtedly change your life forever. This year alone, more than 185,000 people will lose a limb – either through trauma or infection. Advancements in medical technology have improved the quality of life for individuals living without a limb. However, this technology isn’t cheap. Amputees will need hundreds of thousands of dollars throughout their lifetime to pay for prosthetic devices, surgeries, and rehabilitation therapy.

Just how costly are amputations?

Prosthetics are expensive. And customized, lightweight ones can cost up to $50,000. Even worse, these devices need to be refitted every 3-5 years. And each time you receive a new prosthetic, you must undergo therapy to learn how to use your new device. The John Hopkins Center for Injury and Research concluded that the cost of an amputation is well over a half million dollars throughout the patient’s lifetime.

In addition to prosthetic costs, amputees may suddenly find that they are unable to work in their chosen profession. They may incur costs to retrofit their homes. Even the cost of pain medications can quickly add up – causing crippling financial burdens.

If you have lost a limb in an accident, it is important to speak to an experienced Lakewood car accident attorney before signing a settlement with the insurance company. It is critical that you consider all of your future expenses. Contact the Lakewood personal injury law firm of Robert Paysinger today. Helping you recover after an accident is our primary concern – and why so many injured victims choose Attorney Robert Paysinger after their accident.

Making Changes at Home Following an Amputation

It can be very daunting for the amputee finally getting to come home from the hospital or rehab, to realize his or her current home is no longer conducive to their new lifestyle and disability. If the amputation involves a leg, and there are stairs in the home, the stairs may need to be replaced with a ramp. Handrails and grab bars in strategic places can help, and doorways may need to be widened to accommodate the width of a wheelchair. The kitchen cabinetry may need to be removed under the sink in order to make the sink accessible from a wheelchair and the sink may need to be lowered as well. It may take a few weeks for the person who has lost a limb to see all the things in the home which need changes or adjustments.

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Lakewood Car Accident Attorney Robert PaysingerAll in all, the person who has suffered the loss of a limb has a future full of challenges. If the amputation was the result of an accident, caused by the negligence of another, it is important to speak to an experienced personal injury attorney who can help recover at least some of the expenses associated with the injuries. Call Denver attorney Robert Paysinger today to discuss your case. Our law firm offers FREE case consultations and can be reached at 303.279.0221.


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