boy in backpack about to cross street | Colorado Drivers Among Nation’s Worst in School ZonesDriving with caution and following the rules of the road should be common practice for all drivers, especially in school zones. According to a recent survey, however, Colorado drivers received a D rating on the state-by-state evaluation, taking into account data from over 125,000 schools across the nation. That rating makes Colorado drivers among the nation’s worst in school zones.

Zendrive, a California-based company, specializes in studying and measuring driver behavior in an effort to reduce traffic crashes and casualties involving school-aged children. Overall, Zendrive’s survey ranked Colorado drivers the 34th worst in the country. School zones are surveyed for driver behaviors such as speeding within the zone, driving while distracted, as well as hard braking and rapid acceleration events.

Police and school districts are both taking measures to keep children safe in school zones. Denver police, for example, assign enforcement officers to areas where they receive frequent complaints about dangerous driving practices. Officers on foot will flag motorists down when unsafe behavior is observed, and police cars will pull drivers over to enforce school zone speed limits. Police also join forces with local traffic engineers to ensure each school zone has proper signs up, marking the school safety zones.

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In addition to displaying proper safety signage, school districts are taking additional steps to encourage  good driving behavior within school zones. Many schools will have crossing guards assigned to help children cross streets safely, especially at the beginning and end of the school day, when traffic in school zones is the heaviest.

Kids Deserve Extra Caution

When driving near school zones, it is important for all drivers to use extra caution. Sadly, serious and fatal accidents occur in the blink of an eye in school zones across Colorado at alarming rates. Each year, more than 100 children are killed, and over 25,000 are injured while walking in school zones, according to statistics from the Transportation Research Board. While extra enforcement by police, and safety monitoring methods by schools are important, it is imperative that drivers take responsibility for their own driving habits while on the road, particularly in areas like school zones with a high concentration of children.

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