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A fully loaded big rig weighs as much as 80,000-pounds. The average car weighs just 3,000-pounds. As a result, when these two vehicles collide, the occupants of the car sustain the majority of the injuries. Even worse, these injuries are usually severe and life threatening.

The U.S. government is well aware of the dangers large commercial vehicles present. That’s why the trucking industry is tightly regulated and why truck drivers are held to a higher standard than average drivers. Yet truck drivers often break these rules and regulations, in an attempt to increase their paychecks. When their negligence leads to a catastrophic trucking accident, they can—and should—be held responsible for their mistakes, and for the injuries they have caused.

Truck driver fatigue is one of the main causes of trucking accidents. Truckers are allowed to drive for eleven hours at a stretch—or ten hours at a time for passenger-carrying drivers. Yet truck drivers only get paid for the hours they are driving. And the trucking companies want their loads delivered as quickly as possible. Because of this, truck drivers often exceed the driving limits and drive fatigued. A sleepy truck driver can run through an intersection, plow into a line of stopped cars, or fail to notice a motorcyclist in the next lane. This leads to serious and debilitating injuries and permanent disabilities.

In addition to driving fatigued, truck drivers display negligence by

  • Texting and driving
  • Using cellphones
  • Eating and drinking while driving
  • Speeding
  • Failing to brake properly and
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol

If you believe that a negligent truck driver caused your trucking accident, you need to act quickly. Trucking companies often employ large legal teams that are dedicated to reducing liability. Vital evidence can be lost or even destroyed if you do not hire an experienced trucking accident attorney quickly. Call Denver trucking accident lawyer, Robert Paysinger, today for a free consultation and review of your case. He can protect your rights to compensation and ensure that you are not taken advantage of by trucking companies and their legal teams.

When More than One Party is to Blame

Truck drivers do not just operate alone. They are employed by powerful trucking companies and they operate in numerous states. If your Denver trucking accident attorney feels that more than one party is responsible, your attorney may need to file numerous claims against both the truck driver and the negligent trucking company. Of course this muddies the waters for juries, and the situation is further complicated by the fact that trucks are regulated under both federal and state laws. If a trucker started his trip in one state, is involved in an accident in another state, and the trucking company is located in yet another state, the complexities increase exponentially. As such, it is critical that you speak to an experienced Denver trucking accident lawyer immediately.

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