Halloween is a dangerous holidayHeavy road traffic | Halloween Safety Tips. According to a recent study, people under the age of 18 are 130% more likely to be in a fatal pedestrian accident on Halloween night, than they are on normal nights.

That same study also found that pedestrians as a whole, on Halloween night have a 55.6% higher chance of being involved in a fatal accident, than on non-Halloween nights. 

While many factors contribute to the increase in fatal pedestrians accident on Halloween, including the fact that more pedestrians on the street necessarily mean the chances of accidents also increase, excited children not paying attention to their surroundings, dark and difficult to see costumes, and the always present danger of distracted driving, the study found that the most common factor in these accidents are intoxicated drivers. 

Halloween is typically a popular night to go out and party, and while the current pandemic may force many to cancel previous plans, there will still be a number of people out and celebrating. And most of the time, that means drinking. 

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has been campaigning all month in an effort to raise awareness of how dangerous drunk driving is, and to encourage people to use designated drivers or public transportation. 

The NHTSA has also provided some helpful Halloween safety tips for both pedestrians and drivers, that will help make all of us safer this hallows eve:

Halloween Safety Tips for Pedestrians

  • Use the sidewalk. If a sidewalk isn’t available where you’re walking, be sure to walk facing traffic so that you can see the cars that are headed your way. Always assume you won’t be visible to a driver, and take appropriate caution. Better safe than sorry.       
  • Use the crosswalk, and make sure you follow the lights. Don’t cross on a ‘Don’t Walk’ signal, and don’t walk while looking at your phone or texting. Distracted walking can be very dangerous.
  • Make sure that drivers can see you. Dark costumes, while possibly fitting for the spooky holiday, make you difficult to see. Carry and use a flashlight while walking around, so that drivers can see the beam of light, and consider wearing clothing that is reflective, or affix reflective tape to your costume. 
  • Before you head out to celebrate Halloween, make plans to get home safely. Arrange for a ride or other transportation home ahead of time. Walking while drunk can be very dangerous.

Halloween Safety Tips for  Drivers

  • Don’t drive distracted! It’s Halloween, so people will be out on the street. Make sure you’re paying attention and keeping a sharp eye out for pedestrians. 
  • Don’t forget, you’ll be a pedestrian as soon as you get where you’re going, and leave your vehicle. Make sure you’re staying aware of what the cars on the road are doing 
  • Don’t hesitate to call the police if you notice a drunk driver. You’re not a snitch, you’re helping protect innocent people from getting hurt.  
  • If it’s dark out or otherwise difficult to see, be sure to pay extra close attention. There may be pedestrians in dark costumes that could be difficult to see. 
  • Be sure to slow down in areas where there is a lot of foot traffic. A slower speed will leave you more time to react should the unexpected happen. 

So do your part to help ensure everyone has a safe, and spooky, Halloween. 

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