Look Twice, Save a Motorcyclist's LifeThe Colorado Department of Transportation launched a new campaign this month, aimed at helping protect motorcyclists on Colorado roads, by teaching the drivers around them to be better about noticing them. 

The campaign launched with the debut of a new design for one of CDOT’s vehicles, featuring a motorcycle on it’s side with it’s rider thrown off of it. Most disturbing is that the back passenger window of the vehicle is made to look like it’s been cracked, and that the motorcyclist’s head has gone through it. There is also text urging drivers to “Look twice before turning left. You could save a rider’s life.

It’s a bracing image, and CDOT hopes that it grabs people’s attention and reminds them to look out for their fellow travelers. According to the Director of the Office of Transportation Safety, Darrell Lingk: “With the fall riding season approaching and many riders currently enjoying the warm weather, we are urging drivers to use caution and be aware of motorcyclists. Drivers, please remember to look twice and save a life.”

Another aspect of the campaign involves the Denver based oil-change company, Grease Monkey. Grease Monkey will be distributing thousands of window stickers over the next few months to all of their customers who come in for an oil change. These stickers won’t just remind their customers at what mileage or date they should be going in for another oil change, they’ll also remind them to keep an eye out for motorcycles. 

Wes Stephenson, Grease Monkey’s President and COO said in a statement released by CDOT: “Grease Monkey hopes getting this message out will help save a life. As a motorcyclist myself, safety on Colorado’s roadways is everyone’s responsibility. Everyone needs to do their part to make the roads a safe place to drive and ride.”

The campaign launched shortly after Colorado hit a grim milestone, with the state’s 100th motorcycle accident in 2020. In fact, according to CDOT data, the number of fatal motorcycle accidents in the state are up as a whole by 12%, from the same period of time in 2019. 

El Paso County has been the worst so far for fatal motorcycle accidents, with 17 deaths this year alone. Our own Jefferson County has had nine so far this year. 

CDOT hopes that if drivers remember to check their blind spots, to always look twice when making a lane change or a turn, especially a left turn, to not follow motorcyclists too closely, and to always allow them a lot of space, then we can stop this disturbing trend before it gets started. 

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