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After an auto accident in Denver, you may have many questions regarding your insurance coverage, medical treatment and how to obtain the compensation that you need to pay your expenses. At the Lakewood firm of Law Offices of Robert Paysinger, P.C., our lawyers have been assisting accident victims for over 30 years in Colorado.

We can answer your questions and protect your interests throughout your personal injury claim.

What information should I obtain after an accident?

If you or one of your loved ones is seriously injured in an auto accident, it is important that you seek medical attention. Once any medical and/or police help has been summoned and no one is in immediate danger, there is some important information to gather. This includes full names, driver’s license numbers and addresses of all drivers, passengers and pedestrians involved.

You should also write down any observations that you can make about the conditions of the accident scene, take photos of any vehicle damage and make sure to seek medical treatment for any injuries, no matter how minor.

Should I contact the police?

Yes. It is important to call the police after an accident. This will provide proof of the accident and allow for an immediate investigation of the scene.

Should I go to the doctor?

Yes. If there is a serious injury to you or someone else involved in the accident, make sure that it is tended to immediately. Even if you are feeling slight pain or are “shaken up”, there could be more significant injuries that arise in the coming days. By waiting to receive treatment, or hoping that the pain will go away on its own, you could hurt your chances of obtaining an appropriate settlement.

If the other driver’s insurance company calls me, should I talk to them?

Never give a statement – oral or written – to the other driver’s insurance company. If you are contacted, politely decline. Insurance company adjusters are professionals who know how to mitigate claims by using your own words against you. Instead, seek the advice of an experienced attorney, who can determine the best way to proceed.

How soon after the accident should I speak with a lawyer?

Immediately. The sooner that you talk with an experienced attorney, the more that can be done to pursue your claim.

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