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Crosswalks, both marked and unmarked, are there for a reason. They are designed to protect pedestrians, who have the right to travel safely on the same roads that motor vehicles use. Unfortunately, negligent drivers often fail to yield the right-of-way to walkers, joggers and runners. The result is often a serious injury or wrongful death of a pedestrian. Victims of these accidents have rights and may be able to collect money from the negligent party.

If you have suffered a severe injury because of a negligent driver, your first move should be to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney. At the Lakewood, Colorado, Law Offices of Robert Paysinger, P.C., we have been helping personal injury victims recover money for injuries for more than 30 years. We can help you, even if you were injured in a hit-and-run.

Experience Counts

We are not new to the law and how it applies in pedestrian accident cases. Sadly, we are also not new to the wide range of often life-changing injuries that pedestrians can suffer when hit by a car, truck or motorcycle. We use our experience and knowledge to help victims get all of the compensation they are entitled to under the law, regardless of the injuries suffered.

By hiring our law firm, you are getting the immediate assistance of a lawyer and legal team that will work hard to build your case on facts. We gather evidence, from police reports to photographs of the accident scene and your injuries. With those facts at our disposal, we will pursue all available legal options to seek the maximum compensation available under the law.

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