The weather is getting warmer throughout Colorado and the snow and ice are starting to melt. As we look forward to warmer days, it is important to know that the increase in temperatures can also increase the risk of getting into a slip and fall accident. Melting snow and ice can refreeze at night even in the spring, increasing the likelihood of getting into a slip and fall accident. In addition, spring rains can make things slippery, especially in department store entryways. It is important to understand the risks of springtime slip and fall accidents and who may be to blame if you are injured in in one.

Homeowners and businesses have a duty of care to keep their properties free from dangerous hazards that could injure others. In particular, businesses have an increased duty of care to make sure that their guests are kept out of harm – and this includes during inclement weather. In rainy weather or when there are wet conditions outside, businesses can help prevent serious slip and fall accidents by doing the following:

  • Salting the roads and sidewalks to prevent water from freezing into black ice overnight
  • Installing adequate lighting in parking lots
  • Placing weather mats at entry ways to collect water and keep it off of the floor
  • Anchor mats to the floor to prevent slipping
  • Cleaning up spills and wet areas quickly
  • Placing caution signs when floors are wet
  • Place mats in areas that frequently experience spills, such as underneath soda machines
  • Secure cables or cords and keep them off of floors and out from underneath mats
  • Clean and change wet mats quickly especially when weather is particularly poor and when traffic is high

Companies that fail to do these things may be liable when a customer slips and falls on their property.

When an accident occurs, it is important to contact an experienced slip and fall accident attorney immediately. Your attorney will be able to investigate the details that led to your accident and your injuries to determine if the business owner or store property is to blame. This investigation can take time and considerable resources. That’s why it is important to seek legal representation as soon as you are able. Valuable evidence can be lost or destroyed if you don’t act quickly!

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