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According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, over 300,000 large truck accidents occur every year on U.S. roads. These accidents claim nearly 5,000 lives annually and cause injuries to tens of thousands more. Some of these injuries can be life-altering, leaving victims with permanent disfigurement, handicaps, or reduced earning capacity. When this occurs, truck accident victims could be entitled to compensation for their injuries and losses.

Often times after a trucking accident, there are numerous parties to blame. The individual truck driver and the trucking company can both be held responsible.

A trucking company can be found negligent for a truck accident in four main ways:

  • Hiring and training drivers- Any time a trucking company hires a new driver, they have a duty to select the most qualified and responsible individual for the job. Trucking companies also have a duty to ensure that individual has been properly trained and licensed before getting behind the wheel of a truck. Additionally, hiring a driver with a previous record of drug or alcohol abuse can set a trucking company up for liability.
  • Monitoring truck drivers- To help keep over-tired drivers off of the road, truck drivers are required by law to keep a logbook of their hours. Sometimes, however, unethical companies may impose unrealistic expectations on their drivers. They may force drivers to drive longer than the law allows or turn a blind eye to truckers that regularly break rules and regulations.
  • Maintaining trucks properly- Trucks have thousands of moving parts that require regular maintenance and, sometimes, repair. In an effort to save money and maximize profits, some trucking companies may cut corners by failing to inspect trucks or neglecting routine maintenance.
  • Observing all applicable state and federal trucking regulations- The Federal Motor Carrier Safety regulations govern all vehicles engaged in interstate traffic. These trucking regulations have been put in place to maximize safety on our nation’s roads. When drivers or trucking companies fail to adhere to these mandates, they increase the risk of a catastrophic truck accident.

A violation of any of these duties could cause a trucking company to found negligent. When that negligence contributes to truck accidents, the negligent company- and possibly other parties- can be held accountable for compensating injury victims.

Proving negligence on the part of a trucking company can sometimes necessitate a greater depth of investigation to prove. Therefore, it is recommended that truck accident victims consult with an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible following a truck accident.

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